2013 Russia Summit

Y20 Youth Summit was held in 2013 hosted by the Russian G20 Presidency in St. Petersburg. IDEA (International Diplomacy Engagement Association), an international NGO, which YCDC is also one of the charter members, was authorized by the Russian G20 Presidency in order to coordinate the summit. In this context, the summit declaration (comminiquè) was prepared as a result of studies that over 100 outstanding achievements young people from 20 countries have worked through the year. It is ensured that the ideas of young people about the world’s problems have been reached to a wider audience as the declaration has been shared with G20 leaders and other subdivisions groups (B20, C20, etc.). 

The importance and potential of the Y20 Youth Summit within the G20 were brought on the agenda in the 2013 Sherpas’ Meeting under the presidency of Ksenia Yudaeva, Russian G20 Sherpa. Moreover, the Russian G20 Presidency integrated the Y20 Youth Summit to the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). In this way, the Y20 Summit and the leaders of the future have been got closer to the G20 programs such as to the B20 and the C20; and its awareness and reputation in public opinion were strengthened.

Following topics were on the agenda as a priority in the Y20 Youth Summit:

  1. International financial/monetary systems: determination of regulations and reforms
  2. Sustainable development: Development of economic, social and environmental elements

YCDC organized various informing activities towards universities and NGOs in Turkey in order to select young Turkish delegates who would represent their country in the Y20 Russia Summit in 2013. As a result of informing activities, YCDC meticulously evaluated all the applications and formed the Turkish delegation consisted of five young people after the pre-selection phase and interviews. (see. Our young leaders) 

Our delegates were subjected to a process of preparation by YCDC, and they received trainings from the relevant public institutions. Furthermore, accommodation/travel expenses of our delegates were covered within the scope of YCDC’s charter membership of IDEA.

Y20 Russia 2013 Delegates Declaration