Turkish-American Youth Academy

Ibn Haldun University and YCDC organized the first TURKISH-AMERICAN YOUTH ACADEMY under the topic “New Horizons in Human Rights: Experiences and Challenges” on  July 9-17, 2017 at the Diyanet Center of America in Maryland, USA

Markhor Youth Leadership Conference

Markhor-the national animal of Pakistan is the emblem of pride and nobility. Being one of endangered species, it thrives on an extremely challenging life-cycle to survive. The grace with which the magnificent animal struggles to sustain at high altitudes, rugged mountains, harsh climate and food deficit inculcates in it resilience and adaptability. Quite similar are the absurd circumstances faced by Pakistani youth and so is their is their urge to survive. This is why Pakistan’s first wilderness based learning conference has been named “Markhor.”

Markhor is not just a typical youth conference; rather it is a whole new revolutionary experience that enables youth to contemplate the beauty of earth finding lifelong reserves of hidden strengths in them. A wilderness experience of 4 days on a mountain top at 9240 ft above sea level including camping, hiking, cooking, and surviving the most daring environmental conditions is a journey beyond description. The 4 days of simulated activity-based teaching, dividing diverse groups of youth into tribes, providing critical tasks and completing them together, helps prepare delegates for real life challenges and discover their solutions.

A series of projects, activities, debates, discussions and keynotes allows cross flow of ideas and aids in overcoming communication barriers, boost self confidence, sharpen mental capabilities and unleash the leadership potential within youth.

Markhor is going to give you a life-changing, ethereal experience, infusing better sense of self-realization and practically reshaping your ideology of life. It helps youth to acquire agility, strength and spirit under the supervision of highly excellent, internationally qualified trainers from various fields of life and profession altogether at the top of one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan sharing their experiences, stories and expertise and channelizing youth energy, helping them to rediscover fresh perspective of life, instilurge to survive. This is why Pakistan’s first wilderness based learning conference has been named “Markhor”.

Professionals, Celebrities, CEOs, Philanthropists and Outdoor experts.

The selection is done through:
1. MERIT – Selecting the best applicants (Self-awareness, sense of purpose motivation for social development, proven leadership potential and preparation to attend a wilderness program)
2. DIVERSITY – Cultural, ethnic, geographic, religious and social diversity.

Theme of Markhor 2017:
A journey of Lights and insights, self-awareness and self-actualization. This year we will go beyond the limits and reach higher altitudes also capturing the great Impact that will create and show it to the world via Cameras.

Delegates will discuss and highlight the deepest of our social and cultural challenges, relate them to personal, national and global issues and use their experience to devise solutions and develop the motivation for implementing their solutions in their communities post-Markhor.

IMPACT Model for Markhor 2016
I: Idea
M: Models
P: Persona
A: Align
C: Capacity
T: Thrive
(More details will be out soon.)

Emotional Moments, Lifelong lessons, limit-testing-survival in wilderness, Keynote sessions, wilderness projects, laughter, deep diving within, facilitated learning, adrenaline rush, team work, brainstorming and debate.

Youth aged 17-25 who have not entered professional life.

With over 349 youth impacted via Markhor, the energy is yet to be exploited. Markhor 2017 is back with a new location, theme and design. More markhors, food and intensity yet to be foreseen. Join us on a journey that will be unique both in thought and perception. So don’t wait and get yourself regsitered via the link below:

Questions, comments? CONTACT:
Ahmed AbdurRahman

Bank Account Detail:
Account Title : YOUTH IMPACT
Bank: Faysal Bank Limited
Bank Address : IBB, 1-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Account No : 3048 3010 0000 0670
IBAN # : PK23FAYS3048301000000670
Swift Code : FAYSPKKA


2017 Germany Summit

Turkey has been represented at the Y20 Germany Summit on June 2-8 in Berlin by GIZEM KORUN and SELMAN AKSUNGER.



Y20 Simulation 2017 Istanbul

The Istanbul Simulation, which was organized as the last stage of the selection process for delegates to represent Turkey at the Y20 Germany Summit, took place with the participation of 15 candidates on 29-30 April.